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11:31am 08-16-2017
Hey Johann. I am way into this. Like I am so into it. The way you do the sax is riveting and makes me squirm and feel 40 again. I think I like the sax.
11:30am 08-16-2017
STR8 KiLLiN' iT BOi !!!!
6:59pm 02-20-2014
3:24am 08-04-2013
Really enjoyed your show. Thank you so much for allowing me to try the Alpenhorn.
12:37pm 05-22-2013
2:03pm 02-02-2013
Hey love ur lederhosen
2:02pm 02-02-2013
Hey love ur lederhosen
6:42pm 01-01-2013
Love the steel drum act
11:52am 09-16-2012
Johann...from Hofbrauhaus? I can't find your facebook page. Please message me as to where and how I can..Enjoy our time every time we are there. Thanks for a great time.
11:08am 06-13-2012
new c
12:03am 06-02-2012
It was great great catching up w/ u last night!

Nice site.

Just a suggestion:

Simply use it to promote you and your endeavors,
then create a different one to focus on the classifieds.
4:19pm 06-01-2012
Good luck with all of your project.
5:42pm 02-02-2012
2:58am 01-11-2012
8:16am 01-10-2012
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