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4:57pm 09-09-2011
a.k.a. "Mary Barry". Planning to start my own business next year. Will use advertising here when I get all my paper work done. Later....
7:49pm 09-04-2011
1:02am 06-17-2011
what about sax?
11:49am 05-23-2011
1:15pm 03-04-2011
hey is this still working???
8:27pm 01-30-2011
12:38pm 12-01-2010
whatz up guys?
11:11am 10-30-2010
hi iam raj how r u
10:37pm 10-23-2010
I hope your Phillies won.
10:11pm 10-23-2010
It was a great pleasure meeting you. Look forward to seeing soon.


4:30am 10-15-2010
live sex
11:05am 09-30-2010
10:10am 09-30-2010
7:03pm 09-02-2010
Hi Lynn,

This is Janis from Todd Estates....newark, de,....did we grow up together
? You, have done amazing things with your life! Congrats!
Replied on: 4:58pm 09-03-2010

Hi Janis, We did grow up together! I sent you an email. Call or write soon.

6:07pm 09-01-2010
I love that thermometer. Always reminds me of how awesome San Diego is.
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